Being the only son, I am blessed abundantly with the teachings of my great father Dr. Prof. Prasanta Kumar Chakraborty and enriched genuinely with an experience of more than 80 years of practicing Homœopathy, which is running in the family for the last three generations uninterruptedly and successfully.

AND my perception on the modern medical science and expertise with the numerous miraculous Homœopathic medicines enforced me to conclude without doubt that it is a misconception that Homœopathicmedicine takes very long time to act and it is most unfortunate that the patients suffer for several months before any considerable relief is attained!

AND it is a fact that people don’t bother considering Homœopathy in the early stages of the giant diseases saying ‘Homœopathy is okay for trifle ailments like sneezing, cough & cold etc but it is a sure wastage of time in major disorders !’

AND then, when there is no hope left for recovery, that very person comes to a Homœopath asking for a relief or cure !!

AND even after so much of cruelty in the name of modern medicine & too much of insult to the noble but silent service since the birth of Homœopathy, the holistic physician takes the ‘hopeless rejected case’ and often become successful to show some hope of light !!!

Sometimes ‘cure’ is not the objective (where irreversible changes happens in the body, as in advanced cases of cancer), AND in such situations, till date, only Homœopathy extends its hand the most to the deteriorating person to alleviate the agonizing pains & sufferings!
“Homœopathy cures a greater percentage of cases than any other method of treatment. Homœopathy is the latest and  refined method of treating patients economically and non-violently. – Mahatma Gandhi
If you have no faith in Homœopathy, this part is for you. If you are a user of Homœopathiic medicine, please
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it provides the explanation of the common beliefs andmisconceptions
About 80 (eighty) uninterrupted years have been excelled in exercising Homœopathy gathering the experience & knowledge of several Legends we came across
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An extensive list of Ailments (Disease/ Pathology) along with few successful cases.
These are few genuine cases and have been summarized in my own words. Names have been changed to protect
the clients' identity & confidentiality
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Dr. Prof. Prasanta Kumar Chakraborty B.Sc. D.M.S (Hons) M.B.S (Hom) Professor & Visiting Physician
D.N.De Homœopathic Medical College & Hospital
Examiner - Council of Homœopathic Medicine
Lecturer- International Training Division Bengal Allen Medical Institute


My grandfather Dr Moni Mohan Chakraborty being graded high at the University of Calcutta became a beloved student of the famous chemist Acharya Sir Prafulla Chandra Roy. Later this meritorious mind came across one of the greatest Homœopath of India, Dr Pratap Chandra Majumder, who plunked the foundation stone, what we enjoying today. He later came across Dr N M Chowdhury, and primarily being an apprentice of Dr Pratap Majumder, my grandfather followed the Boenninghausen’s method of prescribing in most of his cases. Even after 50 years of death, there are many who still memorialise him by his nick name, “Moni Doctor”.
My father, Dr. Prof. Prasanta Kumar Chakraborty was a schoolboy of Dr D.N.De and a scholar of legendary Dr Jnanendra Nath Majumder, the distinguished Homœopath of the modern era. Later my father became one of the eminent professor of Homœopathic Materia Medica at the D.N.De Homœopathic Medical College & Hospital. He was also an examiner at the Council of Homœopathic Medicine and Lecturer of the International Training Division. Gifted with the deepest  insight in the applicability of various homœopathic medicines which he possessed spontaneously, my father, Dr. Prof. Prasanta Kumar Chakraborty formulated countless improvises which became the surefire therapy in various diseases, ranging from simple sinusitis to the complex cancer.

He will be remembered forever by his disciples for passing on some of his remarkable improvises, and to the enumerable patients as their knight in shining armor, but, there will be many more who will continue extremely  to want for the morals and inquisitions of his inspirational & spiritual incarnation.

The attribute of the inheritance (of Boenninghausen’s method of prescribing from Dr Pratap Chandra Majumder to Dr. N.M.Chowdhury, and the learnings of Dr.D.N.De to my father Dr. Prof. Prasanta Kumar Chakraborty, and hisverified improvises ) has been candidly expedited on me as I become able to plough exhaustively the elucidations of the contemporary medical disciplines. These are not inflatted words, these are the facts and figures in the arena of Homœpathy. This legacy and the heritage of practicing Homœopathy is in run for the last 80 years.
Experience of about uninterrupted 80 years of successful prescribing in Homœopathy, what thy parents and grand-parents procured, has been bestowed upon the knowledge of modern medical science in its extreme depth accquired by, became the sole guide of such tales tabulated below. It exemplify the truths against the common eroneous ideas & learnings, and doesn’t encompass the literal inscriptions of Homœopathic philosophy.
Misconceptions The Truths/Facts
1. Homœopathy is a slow acting therapy. It takes long time to cure
During the real acute sufferings, Homœopathic medicine starts acting within 3 to 7 minutes of taking the medicine, provided the prescription has been made truthfully in corroboration with the exact pathological cause of the sufferings.
In chronic conditions, however the acute symptoms usually goes away in a fortnight, though the actual time of “cure” is dependent on the number and extent of pathological findings of that particular case; more complex (that is more deep routed) or more older the case, more will be the time required for a cure.
2. Homœopathy is okay for trifle ailments like sneezing, cough & cold etc but it is a sure wastage of time in major disorders.
The harsh reality is that, most of the patients almost always think of Homœopathy when hope of life comes at a stake, when no time has been left with and all sorts of Schools of treatments have lifted their hands… interestingly, in the hands of a skilled Homœopath, they also get a handful of encouraging changes even at such incurable situations! Everybody knows this reality well in their nuts, whether they agrees or not is an arguable question, which is definitely a sure wastage of time.
3. Homœopathy is nothing but a Placebo therapy.
A patient had an extremely enlarged tonsil with pain, which, after taking Homœopathic medicines, gone away in about 2 weeks and gradually the tonsil became normal in about 8-9 months. Will someone please explain the ‘Acts of God’ here in this case, among numerous similar cases?! If you exclaim such cases were managable just by ‘placebo therapy’ then every doctor must learn it and practice it in similar cases!
4. There is no science in Homœopathy.
It is true to the fact that the science behind Homœopathy has not yet been understood. And it is very shameful and mysterious too, why even after 200 years of use of Homœopathy, there has been neither any endeavour nor any scheme of investment towards an appropriate and exhaustive research in Homœopathy! But anyway, irrespective of our contemporary understandings, the truths will continue to exist unmoved, like the Earth used to rotate around the Sun regularly regardless of the perceptions of Copernicus.
5. Homœopathic medicines can be taken at random for it exerts no bad/side effect.
Those who practice it, I request them not to use Homœopathic medicine at random,in order to avoid bad effects. Far as bad & side effects of various Homœopathic medicines are concerned, a thorough study of numerous Homœopathic medicines and a firm understandings of the philosophy are prerequisite, which is beyond the scope to disclose here.
6. Homœopathy is meant  for Self-Medication.
Now a days, there are numerous Homœopathic compositions available in the open market compiled for various common diseases. And many people use these ‘patent medicines’ instead of visiting a Homœopathic physician, and waste time and finally spoil the situation, damaging his/her faith on Homœopathy. (Yet, every Homœopathic doctor will agree with it, that self-medication with ‘patent Homœopathic medicine’ is far better than random prescription of the ‘crude drugs’.)
7. Pathological investigations are of no use in Homœopathic treatment.
Pathological investigations are meant for diagnosis of the disease(s) and to monitor the effects of the treatment, whether it is Homœopathic or anything else. Only the ignorants can fantasize such attitude!
8. All Homœopathic doctors are same, as they give same globules or pills or liquids.
Globules, pills, powder or liquids etc are used as the medium in which medicines are given. As a matter-of-fact, selection of the medicine(s) varies so extremely among the Homœopaths that there is no uniformity and mandate in prescribing, and hence no regulation can be established by the authorities till date.
9. Homœopathy is intended for the economicaliy poor class of people, as a mere consolation.
I can see the day is no more far away indeed, when the ideal individualistic treatment with the best Homoeopathic medicines and the best of the Homœopaths will only be accessible to the richest segment; and the conventional generalised system of treatment, what is practised today in the insulation of modern medicine, will prevail among the general/poor class, as their only resort.
10. Homœopathic doctors are actually registered quacks as they lack scientific medical education.
I feel pity for those who suffer from such mental problem called “fixed ideas”. However, to stretch your idea on the credentials of the Homœopathic education, search the net and find the various websites on Homœopathic education for the Academics. I believe, to be a real Homœopath, it needs the understandings of multiple specializations apart from Homœopathic knowledge. By this interlude I pay my deepest respect &admiration to all the Homeopathic fraternities of the World.
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